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How to Select the Correct Camera for your Needs.

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Deciding which hidden camera you should buy should never be a tedious or stressful decision. We at Gadgets and Gear speak to dozens of people daily asking us which camera we think they should buy. While we are happy to answer any specific questions and make suggestions, the final decision should always be made by you. It should fit your specific environment and your needs; Otherwise, it defeats the purpose. This post will provide essential tips and things to think about when selecting the best camera for your need and the elements you should consider when making that decision to purchase.

First, consider where you are looking to place your new covert camera. The location will easily determine which cameras are appropriate and which may not be. I don’t just mean the obvious; like a rock camera can be cancelled out when you are looking for something to go in your living room. The more granular details should be assessed this way too.For example, a DVD player may fit in some rooms, but not others. Each person is different just as each home is different. We have broken down our product suggestions on our website by Room, Capability, Concern and Manufacturer under the “Shop By” Tab on the main homepage screen. These suggestions narrow down the field as a starting point for which cameras to consider.

For this example, let’s say you need an item for your Kitchen. Simply click the drop down that says “Shop By” and select “Room”. On the screen the various types of rooms will show as orange icons, so simply click on “Kitchen” for those product suggestions.

Next you should choose what type of power source is available to you in this area. Do you have an available outlet for a plug-in device? Is there more space on a desk or on a wall? From there you can begin to see the types of devices available and you can see what would look natural in your room. For Example, if you have an available outlet on your kitchen counter and you currently have a coffee pot plugged in, then the Wi-Fi IP Coffee Pot Hidden Camera would be an easy fix! If no outlet is available and you’d prefer something battery operated, perhaps the Insulated Mug Hidden Camera w/ DVR (Battery Operated) is more appropriate in that setting.

Also, the location of the outlet could be key to your decision as well. While many older homes will only feature power outlets along the baseboards and lower to the floor, many modernized homes will have them higher up to accommodate the vast variety of electronics today. Something like the iPhone Charging Dock would have a power cable running to the outlet with the camera lens in the docking station itself, whereas the Zone Shield AC Adapter HD Hidden Spy Camera would work best if plugged into a higher outlet for a better field of view. Taking these elements into consideration will start to narrow your options and you will better see which cameras suit your needs.

Lastly, you should consider the length of time needed to record. With technology today, many cameras available will have Wi-Fi capabilities which allow you to tap in remotely via your smartphone or computer even when you are not at home. This feature is incredibly helpful and super high-tech, but may not be the best fit for your situation. In order to set up a Wi-Fi Capable device, you need to have a wireless connection available in the home. While many of us do and that may not be an issue, if you do not have a router and a stable Wi-Fi connection does not exist, then this function will not work for you. The streaming Wi-Fi footage is best suited for anyone that needs a longer block of time covered. Many battery-operated devices will not have the same capabilities of maintaining the same duration as AC Powered units since they would need a constant source of power running through the unit. Battery operated pieces are easiest to use and most diverse, but when relying on a battery to work for many hours at a time, you need to be mindful of the battery charge. The more the camera is actively recording, the faster the battery will drain.

As always should you wish to speak with someone, our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer any questions and provide as much feedback as possible. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST at 1-800-411-9093. Happy Shopping!

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