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​ Remote Access Hidden Cameras

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Technology is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. It seems as if every day something new comes to market that expands our reach into the capabilities and functions of our smartphones, cars, and even refrigerators. To think of where we were 10 years ago in comparison to today is astounding. With each new development, we are able to do things faster, more economically, and more efficiently than before.

The most high-tech hidden cameras available on the market today feature “Remote Access” to the footage. Remote Access allows you to tap into your wireless feed from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled device. With Wi-Fi capabilities and streaming services at your fingertips you no longer need to retrieve the device or fumble with an SD card, you can quickly and easily manage your device right when it is convenient for you.

Many people hear the term “Remote Access” or “Wi-Fi Capable” and immediately think that it would be too complicated to operate, but in most cases it is easier than some of the older DVR units. If you have Wi-Fi (or Wireless Internet Access) in your home or office, you can easily set up any one of our Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras in a matter of minutes! In most cases, the device will be plugged into a wall outlet and then need to be synced to your router. Non-tech-savvy people, do not panic! Many of our Wi-Fi cameras feature set-up or sync which is automatic or as easy as a QR scan.

When QR Scan is available, you need to download the associated application to your smartphone or tablet first. For Example, the Zone Shield Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker by KJB Security Products features a QR Scan Setup and it is easy as 1,2,3. Once you receive the device you would simply load the memory card into the hidden panel on the bottom of the unit, plug it in to your wall outlet and power the device on. On your smartphone or tablet you would download the corresponding app, in this case it is the EZ-SEE app (available for free from the Apple Store or Google Play). The EZ-SEE App should automatically find the Bluetooth Speaker. The camera of your smartphone would then activate and you can hover the camera over the QR code found on the instruction manual and the device itself and the app will scan the code once it’s centered. Now, the camera would be directly connected with your smartphone or tablet. The app will ask you to confirm your connection to the internet by selecting your Wi-Fi network and entering in your password. The camera will then automatically reboot and once back on your connection is complete and you would then be good to go!

Please note: Wi-Fi enabled cameras will always need an available Wi-Fi Network to be able to stream the footage. A Mobile Hot-Spot would not be strong enough to support a Remote Access camera connection.

Other versions of Remote Access Hidden Cameras will sync to your wireless network much in the same way a Bluetooth connection works from a cell phone to a car. No complicated wires, and no confusion. Some others may also support their own IP address or 4G connection which allows you to link up to your smartphone without a router. For full explanation of the differences of the types of connectivity, please read the full product description or give us a call. Don’t let the advances in technology scare you away from getting the security you want at your fingertips!

As always, should you have any connection issues or questions we have tech support available from 9am to 5pm EST. 1-800-411-9093


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